HULK STRIKE

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                      Do you remember the Hulk in Hollywood movie?
                      This summer, Hulk T150 will strike strongly from screen to cleaning site and approach to you powerfully as in the movie.
                      What’s the performance of TVX T150 drive-type scrubber dryer on earth? Editor will take you check it out now.
                      First, Big Guy – Hulk T150 drive-type scrubber dryer
                      Big appearance of scrubber dryer usually indicates its greater water tanks and a larger battery box. No doubt, T150 fully deserved to be recognized as a Big Guy comparing with similar products. Its capacity of solution tank is up to 150 liters and recovery tank is 170 liters. As a result, it significantly reduces times of changing water and easily increases 30% of work efficiency. In addition, T150 battery box is large enough to provide customers choosing of three pieces of 12V batteries, six pieces of 6V batteries or a giant energy battery package of 18 sets of 2V batteries, according to customers’ circumstances. Industrial design of 36V fully meets requirements of maximum capacity of 6 working hours, super stability and durability. In a word, Hulk T150 is really big and practical.
                      Second, Great Wisdom - Hulk T150 drive-type scrubber dryer
                      Hulk T150 is not only a big guy and also great wisdom because it concentrates international advanced cleaning technology and shines light of wisdom all over the machine. U.S. SOFTECH technology, and great achievements with professional suppliers of AMER, AMTEK, MALISH, MIDWEST ensure its good quality and win a number of titles as following.
                      Energy Saving Pioneer: TVX introduces U.S. SOFTECH design of innovative digital intelligent circuit. 40% reduction of energy consumption and cleaning endurance improvement receive the good reputation.
                      Climbing Expert: AMER 760 watt drive-motor ensures 15% climbing performance and it’s no necessary to worry about transportation on underground site and platform.
                      Long Life Star: TVX advanced SOFTSATRT system extends 100% service life of circuit and motor, thereby reducing the cost of use and maintenance. It can withstand the test of time!
                      Patron Saint: Soft-start design, overload protection of brush disc and impact emergency stop, deceleration function of turn and reverse effectively protect the safety of operators and surrounding environment as the Patron Saint.
                      King of Water saving: TVX eliminates the waste and spill of water through dual-control system of water amount and automatic valve switch of water levels, as a result, it demonstrates saving virtue everywhere. Meanwhile, 100% water will be recovered through 30 seconds delay of water suction and then makes work ending perfectly.
                      If Hulk with brave and honest in the movie impressed the audiences, Hulk T150 in the field of cleaning machine wins the hearts of customers deeply relying on technical wisdom as well as reliable and durable. Newton once said, “If I have seen farther than others, because I have stood on the shoulders of Giants.” At the moment, editor would like to know what your choice is when you face to TVX Hulk T150 with big appearance and great wisdom.
                      Enjoy Hulk, trust TVX.  Hulk is coming, are you ready?
                      For more information, please visit the official website of TVX: http://www.undergroundidolz.com

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