1. What is automatic scrubber? And how the scrubber work for floor cleaning?

                      答:Automatic scrubber is a kind of floor cleaning machine with different moving type of hand-push, ride on and full automatic. It works by two pivotal structures: brusher at front and intake system at back. When it works the brusher rotates automatically on the floor with the scrubbing solution outflow from solution tank, the force of friction from the brusher and the solution’s emulsification make the floor clean, meanwhile the intake system at back gathers the waste water left on floor and flow into the recovery tank. So with the scrubber moving the whole ground will become clean and dry. And to get better cleaning effect, the solution concentration should be changed according to different floor condition, and water should be in normal temperature, can’t be too cold or too hot, water over than 50°C is forbidden.

                      2. How many types of automatic scrubber in the market now?

                      答:Now there are two main types in the market: hand-push scrubber, control by manipulator ; ride on scrubber, control by driver, and this type of machine applies to lager areas. And there are also some related types with different system and traction equipment. Here are the characters and performance of these two main types, hand-push and ride on: 
                      1)  hand-push
                      Working width is from 35cm to 100cm.
                      24/36V batteries.
                      Push by human power or with the traction equipment.
                      Separate solution tank, with membranous or detachable filter (the latter is unusual)
                      Brusher quantity may form one to three.
                      2)  ride on 
                      Working width is from 65cm to 150cm
                      24/36V batteries
                      Electric traction for drive
                      Separate solution tank, with membranous, or detachable filter, or water recycle system (the latter two are unusual)
                      Brusher quantity may form one to three.

                      3. What can the scrubber help you in life and in work?

                      答:This machine is powerful and helpful for the floor cleaning indoors or outdoors, and almost can be used on the floor of various material.
                      Tile floor
                      Marble floor
                      Cement floor
                      Linoleum floor
                      Gap junction
                      Vitrified floor
                      If the floor need clean every day, we suggest buy a professional scrubber. If the floor is blotted badly, we suggest use more proper accessories, such as nylon brusher, columner brusher, and special rubber blade.
                      Now automatic scrubber has been very important and popular in the cleaning field, it is used at both private and public place, industrial workshop, school, office, hotel, hospital, airport, station, port, shopping mall, cleaning company etc.

                      4. The structure and characters of automatic scrubber.

                      答:1)     Brush plate structure: brusher motor with rotary floor pads, cleaning effect is based on the size of moving track.
                      2)     Tanks: normally there are two tanks, one is solution tank for clean water, and the other one is recovery tank for waste water. The capacity of the tank will affect the scrubber’s performance and consumption rate. Some scrubber in the market just has one tank with a separator inside to separate clean water and waste water. Some scrubber has water recycling system to save the time of water injection and be more independent in working.
                      3)     Intake system: equipped with rubber blades and water suction pump, to keep the floor dry after cleaning.
                      4)     Energy provider: normally use 24v to 36v batteries, batteries will affect the scrubber’s independence and performance and working life, so should be maintain carefully. 

                      5. The main accessories of the scrubber.

                      答:The scrubber accessories are customized following the user’s request, so it is very important to make them precise and ensure the machine work smoothly.
                      Here are the accessories that customers can find in the market:
                      1)     Different kinds of brusher, material may be nylon, perlon, nature fiber, steel, and in different size, and the shape of these brushers different, some are discoid and some are columnar.
                      2)     Columnar brusher with its fixator, can change the hardness and brushing force on different floor condition.
                      3)     Rubber blade, can choose different material for different floor condition.
                      4)     Replaceable cleaning unit.
                      5)     Recycling water system, water repeat used by a filter inside ( not commonly used )
                      6)     Headlamp on the machine to help work in the darkness. 

                      6. How many kinds of brusher in the market?

                      答:Bellowing are the main type of brushers and their function:
                      1)  polypropylene brusher
                      Apply to different kinds of floor, this material is good in abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance ( water can’t be over than 60℃ ), Since polypropylene is nonhygroscopic so it can keep its character on wet floor.
                      2) nylon brusher
                      Apply to different kinds of floor, this material is good in abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance ( water can’t be over than 60℃ ), Since nylon is hygroscopic and extensile so it can’t  keep its character on wet floor.

                      3) stiff brusher
                      This kind of brusher is very stiff and suitable on very dirty floor, we suggest adjust the machine pressure to the minimum to avoid damaging the floor.
                      4) steel brusher
                      Make by steel and artificial fiber, it is used on jagged surface or big joint, or to remove stubborn stains.
                      5) artificial  fiber brusher
                      It is soft so normally used for flimsy floor, it should be used with non-corrosive solution to avoid corroding the brusher.  
                      6) dense hard brusher
                      This kind of brusher is dense, hard, and straight, and suitable for the tile floor with narrow joint.
                      We suggest you to use soft brusher on jagged surface or floor with deep joint, to get better cleaning effect.
                      Pls note the cleaning effect may be not good if the bristle on brusher is attrited and too short, and if the bristle is too long the brusher may throb in working.
                      7) chucking polishing brusher
                      Chucking polishing brusher is used for cleaning and polishing the floor, there are two kind of chucking polishing brusher:
                      a)  Traditional polishing brusher has a short anchor stake to drive the grind brusher.
                      b)  Centre locking polishing brusher has a short anchor stake and a locking system, it can fasten the brusher and prevent brusher falling off in working, this type apply to the machine with more than one brushers, it can help aim to the brusher centre.

                      7. What kind of solution is recommen

                      答:The solution should be customized for automatic scrubber, basically it should be alkaline and with a small quantity of foam (too much foam will damage water pump), never use acidic or caustic solution, and flammable is forbidden absolutely, and remember adjust the solution concentration accordingly. For the very dusty floor, we suggest clean it with normal water in advance, cleaning time will be longer but effect will be better, and it need clean twice: 1st time turn off the water pump and just cleaning the floor, 2nd time clean with solution and open the water pump, you will find the effect is very good.

                      8. What kind of problem may meet when using professional scrubber.

                      答:The problems in use can be solved easily if the machine selected is matching with the floor condition, however, most of the problems happened because the machine selected is not matching with the floor condition, but not cause by the technology or the machine itself. 
                      Bellowing are the possible problem about the safety and cleaning effect:
                      operative problem
                      water yield of brusher is not enough
                      1)     Check if the flashing valve opened, check both hand valve and electromagnetic valve.
                      2)     Check if there is water in the solution tank.
                      3)     Check the filter, if any.
                      4)     Check if hosepipe connecting with the brusher is jam.
                      cleaning effect is not good
                      1)  checking the attrition rate of the brusher, and change the brusher if necessary. ( if the bristle is crimp over than 15mm it need change the brusher right now)
                      2)  changing the type of brusher, it is very important that use the suitable brusher for different floor.
                      intake system can not take way the waste water completely.
                      1)     Check if there is filth inside the rubber blades.
                      2)     Replace the rubber blade or adjust its angle to get better effect, the rubber blade should be slant backward 5mm during working, the whole length should be in this way.
                      3)     Check if the hosepipe is well connected with the recovery tank.
                      4)     Take down and clean the water intake system.
                      5)     Change the rubber blades.
                      6)     Check if the switch for the water pump is on or off.
                      7)     Adjust the runner of water pump
                      too much foam
                      Check if solution is low foaming, or add antifoams into the recovery tank.
                      Pls note the floor more clean the foam is more, so dilute solution should be used in this situation. 

                      9.Daily maintenance instruction.

                      答:It is very important to maintain the machine correctly in daily use, this kind of machine need clean by water every day, or at least clean every time after use, here is the daily maintenance instruction:
                      1)     empty and clean the recovery tank, dirt in the wastewater will subside and become smelly, so it is very important to flush the tank by water faucet.
                      2)     Empty the solution tank especially if the machine is not used every day, because bacteria can be generated in stagnant water easily
                      3)     Clean the water pump filter, if the filter is grimy, the intake capacity will be reduced, should flush it by water faucet.
                      4)     Check if the rubber blade is clean, flush them by water faucet if necessary.
                      5)     Check the brushers and rubber blade if they are wear seriously, uneven floor will quicken their abrasion, normally brusher need replace in 50 hours’ work, and rubber blade need overturn or replace in 30 hours’ work.
                      6)     Check the water filter if any impurity inside, it may block the water outlet and affect the cleaning effect.
                      The hosepipe connecting the water pump should be clean regular, if it is blocked just partly, the intake capacity will be reduced also.

                      10. Safety regulations for automatic scrubber usage.

                      答:Read all the symbols on machine carefully, can not cover the symbols anywhere, replace the symbol if damaged.
                      1)     The user must be trained.
                      2)     Take care the people around when use the machine, especially the kids.
                      3)     Do not mix the different solution, avoid make any noxious gas.
                      4)     Do not put any container with liquor inside on the machine.
                      5)     Cleaning and drying must be finished at the same time, any person without allowance can not operate the machine, “caution wet floor” indicator should be placed on wet floor.
                      6)     Should contact the original manufacturer if need change any component.
                      7)     Turn off the power before any maintenance.
                      8)     Taking apart the accessory with suitable tools if needed.
                      9)     Do not flush the machine with high pressure water or with corrosive liquid.
                      10)  The machine should be sent to service center for checking every 200 hours’ work.
                      11)  Do not add solution hours ago before using the machine, to avoid the solution tank begrime.
                      12)  Check if all the valves and covers are ready before working, according to the user’s manual.
                      13)  Make sure the recovery tank is empty before take apart it.
                      14)  Follow the related stipulation when disposing the wastewater.
                      15)  Disposing all the oil, batteries and any other parts if the machine is scrap, pls note all the parts of this machine were made by recycle material.

                      11. What you should consider when buying an automatic scrubber.

                      答:You need consider many factors before buy an automatic scrubber, firstly why you need a scrubber and what kind of cleaning problem you need solve, and also the working condition, proper machine type, working time and cleaning effect should be also taken into consideration.
                      When choosing the machine type, you need consider if it can meet the user’s request, the professional machine is necessary if the request is higher or the use is frequent.
                      1) Machine efficient: refer to the cleaning area and the working path, and consider the possible problem and shutdown time, normally calculate by pilot running the machine one hour. 
                      2)Cleaning performance: based on the cleaning unit, the pressure to floor, brusher type, brusher revolution, water intake system, and most important, the solution type.
                      3)Cleaning effect and reliability, ensure the service life of machine, for example, the machine type, construction, material, overall framework, cleaning unit, motor, and other accessories, electric unit, mechanical components, all above mentioned parts should be in good quality and reliability.
                      4) Controllability, the machine should be easy operated and in proper size, make sure the user in good vision.
                      5) Safety, the machine must be in strict accordance with the related stipulation, consider the machine may work in dangerous situation or crowded place, so safety is very important. And also must follow the stipulation of electromagnetism adaptation and noise reduction in European. 
                      Following the construction technical specification in European, all the visible parts must follow related construction specification, thus may avoid any hurt to the user or other people; The user must be trained carefully; using specialized solution and never mix any different type of solution; do not use the machine at explosive situation; do not intake any combustible liquid or powder; and do not operate machine at abrupt slope.
                      The costing is depending on solution’s consume, power consume, water consume, and otherwise, the maintenance cost and accessories wastage for example the brushers, rubber blades, and it is very important all the accessories are available from the supplier.
                      For example, magnetic valve to check the solution dosage, superpower motor to strengthen the intake effect, adjustable pressure based on actual demand; daily maintenance is easy operated and useful; electronic equipment is easy for understanding and handling, all these details can help avoid complicated shutdown problem and reduce the cost of overhaul.
                      The machine supplier should offer comprehensive service, it is very important to users, such as professional advises, training, quality guarantee, high-performance accessories, detailed maintenance planning, nice quality machine, paid service.

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